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Past Events

UNSW Forex Society: Trading and Investing 101

15/10/2019 4pm – 6pm

UNSW Forex Society is excited to present Trading and Investing 101 – an insight seminar that breaks down what it’s like to trade at a hedge fund, the strategies and skills a trader should know with emphasis on copy trading, and things you can do in preparation for your trading career

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UNSW Forex x RealSoc Presents: Games Night

09/04/19 6pm – 8pm

This joint venture between UNSW Forex Society and UNSW RealSoc will have you meeting new friends, playing games, and answering random trivia. Card and board games such as UNO, Monopoly and Exploding Kittens await you at the table.

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UNSW Forex Society Presents: Trade with Us by ECN Trade

08/04/19 5pm – 7pm

In collaboration with ECN Trade, UNSW Forex Society will be holding an exclusive workshop to guide you step by step on the fundamental process of trading, presented by one of ECN Trade’s best trading analysts.

DO NOT MISS OUT on this limited opportunity to learn more about trading and network with experienced professionals and people with the same interests!

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Coffee and Cookies

21/03/19 10am – 12pm

Trimesters have you feeling NUTS? Feel your wam CRUMBling down? Do you have midsems creeping up and KNEAD the caffeine to help you study?

Forex Society has got you covered this midsem period! We’ll be STIRRING up a good time with our Coffee and Cookies with Forex! Warm your SCOTCHfingers with a fresh cup of coffee and beat that exam dESPRESSO with some fresh cookies!
Come join us!

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Intervarsity Bitcoin Trading Competition

04/03/19 – 11/03/19

An opportunity for you to learn about trading cryptocurrency first-hand with live capital and compete with students internationally. Compete for your share of a total prize pool of over $3000! 

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