2020 T2 W11

MARKET MOVERS 10th August Wendy Le NZ Official Cash Rate & RBNZ Rate Statement – 12 August 12:00pm The NZ official cash rate is forecasted to stay the same at the record low rate of 0.25%. As the cash rate […]

2020 T2 W10

d MARKET MOVERS 3rd August Will Liu Australian Cash Rate – 4th August 2:30pm  The Australian Cash rate is forecasted to remain steady 0.25%, with the current state of the economy and the extra uncertainty added by rising COVID 19 […]

2020 T2 W9

d MARKET MOVERS 27th July Wendy Le Australian CPI q/q – 29 July 11:30am  Australian CPI is forecasted to decrease from 0.3% to -2.0%. This potential decline in inflation could be attributed to the spike in COVID-19 cases in Victoria […]

2020 T2 W8

d MARKET MOVERS 20th July Paul Huang Fed Budget Deficit Expansion  US treasury reported on 13 July that the budget deficit has reached an all-time high of $864 billion in June, primarily due to stimulus programs for small businesses.  Current fiscal and […]

2020 T2 W7

d MARKET MOVERS 13th July Samuel Soo Coronavirus cases continue to surge in the U.S. The U.S. passed 3 million confirmed cases of coronavirus, representing a quarter of all cases worldwide High record of COVID cases in the US has […]

2020 T2 W6

c MARKET MOVERS 6th July Paul Huang US-China tensions China has imposed a new security law for Hongkong which allows Beijing to override the Hong Kong judicial system. In response to China’s imposition of new security law, the US house […]

2020 T2 W5

d MARKET MOVERS 29th June Samuel Soo Spike in COVID-19 in Australia, China and the U.S. Victoria confirms 41 new cases of Coronavirus in a day, NSW records 6 new cases, just as restrictions are loosening. U.S. records 45,000 new cases […]

2020 T2 W4

d MARKET MOVERS 22nd June Wendy Le RBA Gov Lowe SpeaksMonday 22nd June 9:00 amWith Australia slowly recovering from the effects of COVID-19 and the removal of most restrictions, hints about the future of monetary policy in Australia would likely […]

2020 T2 W3

c MARKET MOVERS 14th June Victor Shen Core Retail Sales (USD)  Tuesday 16th June 11:30 pmPartly supported by last month’s astoundingly positive job data, US core retail sales are forecasted to rebound from last month’s abysmal -17.2% to about 5.5%. […]

2020 T2 W2

MARKET MOVERS 7th June Wendy Le ECB President Lagarde Speaks (EU)  Monday 8th June 11:45 pmThe European Central Bank tends to drop subtle hints about future monetary policy or interest rate changes during the speeches. With the EU slowly recovering from […]